Summer labyrinths continued..


June 4th I am again at First United Methodist Church’s labyrinth. I am reminded to slow down. My reflections dealt with our pace of life. Doing things in a hurry generally are not good for us: eating, driving, breathing, making decisions…

The only need for hurry is in an emergency: fire, police, EMT or in an ER room! Things take time: healing, sleeping, listening… Value going slow…be intentional about slowing down.

June 11th Creighton University Retreat Center (Iowa) has a beautiful labyrinth on the back of their property in a wooded area. It is a Chartres labyrinth made of white interlocking stones. I have walked it many times on my private retreats and it is one of my favorites. I startled a deer when I approached.

Here are my thoughts: Change direction when you need to. Sometimes you are close to the center, sometimes not. Go slow around the corners.

I am learning a bit about the difference between walking into the center and walking out of the labyrinth.

Right before I arrived at the center I noticed a small red pony bead. I went into the center and when I was ready to leave thought I’d take the bead with me as a remembrance. On my journey out I started to notice all kinds of little treasures I had walked right by on the way in.

There were 3 butterflies on the path I had noticed on the way in but didn’t think much of. As I walked out I stopped to enjoy the way they danced and played with each other. Another was a strange small, brown ball. When I picked it up it felt hollow. When I cracked it open there was a beautiful seed in the center with threads connecting to the sides.

I saw three different kinds of feathers, a perfect small acorn and a small red mushroom (at least I think that’s what it was). I felt like it was a little scavenger hunt God had for me. He delighted in me finding the treasures, and I delighted in the “finds”.

My labyrinth intention for the summer is growing in me an ability to enjoy the moment and not have to figure out or know “why” exactly I am doing it. I am sharing these reflections because I am enjoying the experience and you might too.

Cathy C.

One thought on “Summer labyrinths continued..

  1. Thanks for sharing! I went on my first labyrinth journey last week at the Creighton retreat center as well. It was a very deep experience. I love to hear your thoughts and reflections. It makes me curious and drives me deeper in my own reflections!


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