my summer project

My summer intention is to visit all the Labyrinths I can find here in Omaha Nebraska.  I thought I might keep you posted on which ones I have walked and share insights and reflections I have during the experience.

I have always enjoyed labyrinths.  I’m not sure why.  They are at the same time very simple and yet very complex.  To start my summer intention I have now read more about them and even how to build one so I am even more amazed at their complexity!!

I begin:

On Friday, May 26th I went to First Central Congregational Church, close to downtown about 36th and Harney.  Their Chartre labyrinth is painted blue on a grey patio.  (11 rings plus a 6-petal center)

While it was a busy afternoon with traffic nearby I was surprised how easy it was to ignore all the noise and busyness while walking the labyrinth.  That is what must come from a daily Centering Prayer practice!

My thoughts:

The meaning comes in the walking.

Am I willing to follow the path?

The path takes twists and turns similar to life’s journey. There are longer spaces without a turn which I enjoyed.  Hummm…

Sometimes it feels like I am going backwards.

Sometimes it is monotonous.

Then I reached the center and felt relief.

I walked out much more confident.


On June 3rd I walked the outdoor labyrinth at First United Methodist Church at 70th and Cass after the monthly Taíze service.  It was a warm sunny afternoon but the labyrinth was shaded by large old trees.   There is a sign by the area that has helpful information.  It is a Cretan Labyrinth dedicated in 2008.

My thoughts:

Shortcuts don’t produce what the long journey produces.

What does it mean to walk with God?

Follow where the path leads.

The spiritual journey requires intentionality.


If you have a summer intention you’d like to share, or a labyrinth I should know about,

please email me at

Cathy Mann Christiansen, Co-coordinator, Nebraska Contemplative Outreach


“You can’t get lost on a prayer labyrinth.”   Zachary Christiansen

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