While centering prayer is done privately most of the time, a weekly sharing of the experience in a small group has proven to be very supportive, as well as a means of continuing education. – Fr. Thomas Keating

What is a Centering Prayer Group?

A Centering Prayer Group typically meets weekly.  A typical meeting consists of experience, education and sharing:

• a 20 minute period (or two 20 minute periods) of Centering Prayer

• ongoing education in the conceptual background to Centering Prayer and the Christian contemplative heritage (i.e. media resources and/or books on Centering Prayer and the spiritual journey)

• an experience-based sharing on the prayer experience and its effects in daily life.  Some groups may also choose to practice lectio divina.

A Centering Prayer group generally remains open to new members as participants often bring interested friends.  If the group has a trained facilitator, a newcomer can be taught the Method of Centering Prayer one-on-one, and encouraged to attend the next full Introduction to Centering Prayer 7-session course.

If you would like to make arrangements to have a trained presenter teach the Method of Centering Prayer to your group, please email  Visitors are always welcome to any of the centering prayer group meetings. Please contact the facilitator or contact person to verify meeting day and time.  Thank you.

Nebraska Centering Prayer Groups


TUESDAY – 7:00 pm
Columban Fathers facility (St. Columban’s), 1902 North Calhoun St. (top of Calhoun St.)
facilitator – Father Charlie O’Rourke (402) 210-9345


First Monday is Centering prayer time with two 20 minute sits
3rd Monday is CP enrichment with discussion and DVD
Blessed Sacrament Church – 518 West State Street
contact: Dee Brabander (308) 380-7217


FIRST TUESDAY of the month – 7:00 pm
Chapel of St. Paul United Methodist Church, 1144 M Street
facilitators – Jim Potter & Deb Miller (402) 805-4673 or Bev Jester (402) 423-7423 or email or

WEEKDAYS – 12:15 to 12:45 pm
This is a silent prayer time beginning with a brief reading. Arrive at 12 for instruction. Contemplate Lincoln at 135 north 31st street, Lincoln, NE.
Contact: Adam Luedtke,

THURSDAYS at 7:00 pm
Two 20 minutes sits with brief meditative walk between sits.
Contemplate Lincoln at 135 north 31st street, Lincoln, NE.
Contact: Judy Fitzgerald,


SUNDAY  – 9:40 am
(one 20 minute Centering Prayer period and brief conversation)
First United Methodist Church, Mead Chapel, 7020 Cass Street
facilitator – Donald Bredthauer (402) 496-3211

SUNDAY – first Sunday, 4:00pm-5:15pm
This group is not meeting during the winter months. Will re-evaluate in the spring.
First United Methodist Church, Mead Chapel 7020 Cass St. Omaha, NE
facilitator – Don Bredthauer  (402) 496-3211

MONDAY  – 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm
(one 30 minute prayer period followed by reading and discussion)
Lakeside Retirement Center, Meditation Room, 17475 Frances Street
facilitator – Marilyn Buresh (402) 330-1123

TUESDAY – 4:30 pm to 5:30
Begin with a short time of sharing, reading from Thomas Keating, 20 minute sit, reading.
Mass is at 5:30 for those who wish
Seven Oaks at Notre Dame, 3439 State Street
facilitator – Sharon Gitter (402) 572-0769
contact person – Sr. Phyllis Marie Heble (402) 933-4251

TUESDAY – 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
(two 20 minute prayer periods plus DVD viewing)
Mary Our Queen Church, Kenny Parish Center, Future Sacristy Room, 3405 S 118th St.
facilitator – Diane Kaiser

WEDNESDAY – 1:40 pm to after 3:00 pm
(20-30 minute sit and watch Father Keating tapes/dvds)
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 4117 Terrace Drive (402)571-1622
contact – Paula McDonald (402)493-7003 home or (402)210-6040 cell

WEDNESDAY – 4:00 to 5:30 pm
We will meet in room 10/11
(check-in, one 30 minute centering prayer period, and Lectio Divina)
Lutheran Church of the Master, West Campus, 1200 North 181st Court
facilitator – Cathy Mann Christiansen or (402) 250-4093

SATURDAY ( 2nd and 4th Saturdays only) 9:05 am to 10:30  am
St. Wenceslaus Church, lower level meeting room via parish office, 15353 Pacific Street
facilitator – Marilyn Buresh  (402) 330-1123