2023 Silent Saturdays – 9am to noon

June 3 and July 1

Plan to join us for a time of quiet reflection, expression and connection…

These mornings have been a wonderful way to step away from the rest of the world and enter a quiet and sacred space. We will begin our time together with Centering Prayer. Luther Memorial has a beautiful space to meditate, journal, draw, and be with God in different ways. Time will be given for personal reflection. We will close with community sharing. It’s just what your spiritual life needs!

REGISTER at least one week prior by email to Cecilia at celearndt@gmail.com

Space is limited to 12 people.

Donations are appreciated! Lite refreshments will be served. Arrive at 8:50am to get settled.

Luther Memorial Lutheran Church

1031 Sunset Trail, Omaha. (on the corner of 61st and Western). Enter at the upper level by the circle drive. The Chapel is located at the north end of the building.

November 5th, 2022. We had 8 people join together for the first time since February 2020. We had several Silent Saturdays on Zoom in 2020 and 2021. So, it was so good to be together in-person for silence and community. We were encouraged to go where the Holy Spirit lead. It’s a beautiful space to have available to us. There are 6 different rooms with contemplative offerings and enough time to spend in 2 or 3 spaces. Committing time to respect the inner life does wonders for your relationship with the Lord!!


Silent Saturday – “you crave more”

Last Saturday October 1st, 2016 was our first time at Luther Memorial.  Eight people attended and we all felt very blessed to have been there.  The consensus was that we all had wished for more time.

Luther Memorial has taken some space in their church and created a beautiful area to experience prayer in lots of different ways.

There is an art room, writing room, nature room, marine room, an outside labyrinth and many other options.  The idea is to let God lead you in the silence to experience reflecting on His presence.  We spent time in Centering Prayer and then had time for reflection.

One person wrote: “This time was a gift.  There were so many places to roam and let God take me by the hand.  He lead me to the sand where He spoke very powerfully.”

I met Shirley Knight at one of our retreats and she talked about this space at her church.  I was thankful when they offered NE Contemplative Outreach a chance to come experience it for ourselves.

I was sitting in the marine room in their very comfortable chairs and started looking at the stained glass.  I felt led to go draw the stained glass.  I was trying to follow Shirley Knight’s suggestion to “go with the flow” of God’s leading.  It was in the process of drawing the stained glass with different shapes, sizes, colors and lines that God lead me to think about our differences as people.  I left some spaces white (as the glass actually was) to symbolize the Holy Spirit.   I started to think about stained glass being in churches or holy places.  It reminded me that we all have a part of the sacred in us.  That thought was very moving for me.  To consider this for everyone I meet as well as myself.  I will remember this whenever I see stained glass.

-Cathy Mann Christiansen


a Silent Saturday

We entered the church and were invited to a very welcoming coffee room with warm seating to nosh on donuts and grapes before we began. We then assembled in the space previously used as a children’s church area with a beautiful stained glass of Christ with the children. The six side rooms all had beautiful stained glass windows as well.  After introductions we did two 20 minute silent meditations with a walk in between. We then had the next hour to explore the rooms or the labyrinth outside. I chose the room that offered Visio Divina (which I had never heard of). After a wonderful private meditation there I moved to the art room and drew for awhile. After the hour was up we returned together to end in prayer. The half-day retreat was perfect for me. It’s probably easier to give a half day of your weekend rather than an entire day.  I am so looking forward to the December 3rd Silent Saturday. I am hoping to explore the other rooms such as the reading, journaling, and marine room as well as the labyrinth. This event was so refreshing for my soul!  – Mary-Ellen Gumbert