Rocky Mountain National Park
-Forsberg family campsite firelight and star trails, Long’s Peak Campground
-Deer Mountain last light (peregrine falcon hack site)
-Late evening thunderheads building over mountains

-Big Thompson River running through Moraine Park:
-wildflowers near stream
-big rain muddy runoff and wave details
-fire scares and regrowth on valley shrubs
-Yellow-bellied(need ID) sapsuckers feeding on tiny bugs during thundershower
-Hummingbirds (NEEDID) feeding on tiny bugs during thundershower
-Raindrop details in stream and on windshield
-Mountain picture drawings on steamed over car windows
-Fireweed plant growing in previously burned area
-waves of meadow grass in rain
-Storm waters in stream (VIDEO)
-Wild turkey
-Horseshoe tracks in trail mud during rain.
-Bull elk
-Yellow wildflower and insect (NEEDIDs)
-Raindrops on aspen leaves closeup
-Red-tailed hawk perched on tree in twilight
-Mummy range and Horseshoe Park at sunrise

Estes Park
-Glacier Lodge interiors and exteriors of cabin
-Chipmunk (NEEDID) in b+w near cabin stream
-American Crow perched in tree

Indian Peaks Wilderness Area
-Lake Isabel trail, wildflowers, stream landscapes, lake
-glacier meltwater and Lake Isabel (VIDEO)
-Elsa Forsberg hiking Lake Isabel trail

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