-Lake Granby dock and boats

-Natural gas development and roads on shortgrass plains, Weld County.
-Shortgrass prairie landscape with cloud formations.

Roosevelt National Forest
-Assorted landscapes at first light along Highway 7 south of Estes

Rocky Mountain National Park
-Assorted landscapes, hikers and rain clouds along Trail Ridge Road
-Bull elk above timberline
-Mule deer foraging in Moraine Park (color and b+w)
-Black-billed magpie in Moraine Park (color and b+w)
-Forsberg family portrait on Long’s Peak hike
-Forsberg family campsite Long’s Peak Campground.
-Waxing moon and pine tree

Estes Park
-Downtown and summer thundershower.
-Lake Mary and Big Thompson Project (water diversion and storage system)

Lincoln, NE
-Fourth of July fireworks family and friends at Forsberg house
-Chimney swifts coming back to roost at Westminster Church chimney (Stills and VIDEO)

Nebraska Sandhills -Switzer Ranch
-Elsa, Emme and Patty Forsberg with rancher Sarah Sortum in prairie and along Gracie Creek.
-Garter snake shading in rodent den during heat of day.
-Coyote track in sand blowout.
-Blowout grass and blooming Blowout penstemon (federally endangered species) in Sandhills blowout
-Rancher Sarah Sortum holding lizard (need ID)
-Common nighthawk
-Upland sandpiper

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