Buffalo Gap National Grassland, South Dakota
Conata Basin
-Swift fox in denning territory killing prairie dog (VIDEO)
-Prairie dog, assorted behaviors: grazing, digging, grooming, bonding, alert and all clear calls, etc. (VIDEO)

-Swift fox in denning territory hunting prairie dogs. Adult female in landscape in afternoon/evening. Some maybe during prairie dog kill.
-Swift fox cache of killed prairie dog in pdog burrow cache site.
-Swift fox pup (now nearly grown) at first light sleeping on pdog mound then moving through pdog town
-Swift fox den abandoned, then plugged by prairie dogs.
-Prairie dog and young assorted behaviors: grazing, digging, grooming, bonding, all clear calls.
-Assorted Conata basin landscapes on and around prairie dog town pm and am. fog.
-Wildflowers (NeedID)
-blue damselfly roosting in prairie (NEEDID)
-Spider webs at first light with morning dew
-Badger dig
Photograph setups
-Remote walkie talkie set up on swift fox dens.
-blind in landscape before being taken down

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